01 – Upgrade to a bigger home
March 19, 2023

More space, greater facilities and an altogether better home environment – these are the reasons we often upgrade to a larger, more ideal property.

But what are the general precursors to an upgrade?

Restlessness with your current living situation is often a big sign you’re ready to move on. But sometimes, you don’t need to search your feelings for a sign. If you or your partner are expecting, you’ll likely need more space to accommodate little ones.

What to look for if you’re thinking of upgrading your home

If you’re ready to move out, think about the things that make you unhappy about your current living situation. If you’re someone who makes lists, you could tally up the things that irk you the most. For example, your current kitchen area might be too small, or prone to smells and odours (crumbs falling through awkward spaces between countertops). Naturally, you’ll want your next house to have a larger, more refined kitchen area.

To make things easier, we’ve written a list of some of the things you should look out for when buying a house. Rather than making additional changes to your house, this list details features that are best found in your initial house search. It can be expensive (and a real slog) to make room for any of the features below once you’ve settled. Here are 7 questions you should ask if you’re thinking of upgrading your living space.

  • Do you have enough storage space?
  • Are there enough bedrooms for kids and guests?
  • Is the kitchen enjoyable to use?
  • Do you have enough space for hosting guests?
  • Does the garden space meet your needs?
  • Do you have space for a home office?
  • Are there enough bathrooms and toilets?

What to look for if you’re expecting children

  • Good garden spaces: While not a must, good garden spaces are often cited as highly beneficial to a child’s development. Experiencing the natural world from the safety of their home is something they will remember forever.
  • Space for a pram: You should also ensure there is suitable space for a pram in the hallway or living areas. Prams are larger than you think.
  • Safe Stairs: Make sure the stairs are safe and accommodate children. Hard wooden steps are more likely to cause injury. Stairs with carpets ripped out are prone to nails poking through.