Moving Home With A Dog: Tips And Tricks For A Smooth Transition
July 17, 2023

Moving home is stressful for anyone, especially those with furry friends. Making a house move smooth when you have a dog is vital so you don’t stress them out. We’ve compiled a guide on the best tips for moving with a dog. First things first, how do you move home with a dog? 

The best way to move home with a dog is to maintain a routine. This will keep your dog from getting stressed by all the changes around them. Introducing them slowly to their new environment and making them feel comfortable is essential. You can do this by unpacking their belongings first to give them a safe space to relax in. 

Read on to learn more about moving home with your dogs and the best tips for a smooth transition.

Tips And Tricks For Moving With A Dog

Moving is a complex process, especially with a dog. Maintaining a sense of normality is essential since dogs thrive on routine and familiarity. You need to ensure that your dog is comfortable with the different items you bring into your home, from boxes to bubble wrap.  

Many people worry about sourcing packing materials, which can be stressful. Here at Premier Movers, we have access to the Box Shop, which can provide you with everything you need for the move. This can help you focus on your move and keep your furry friend relaxed.

Here are a few tips for transitioning to your new home:

1. Maintain Routine While Packing

Dogs thrive off routine, so it’s essential to maintain their schedule when moving. It’s best to keep to what they’re used to so that you don’t cause unnecessary stress when you change homes. Stick with their regular feeding times, give them plenty of exercise and enjoy playtime. 

Maintaining consistency during the moving process will make your dog feel more secure and reduce their stress levels with everything around them. It will also make you feel less stressed as it’ll be one less thing to worry about.

2. Prepare For The Move

When moving anywhere different, it’s important to be prepared when settling into your new home. Register your dog with the local vet and become familiarised with them in preparation for moving. If an unfortunate situation arises during your move, you can give the best care to your dog. 

Another critical step is to change your dog’s microchip details with your new address. This simple step can give you peace of mind if your dog escapes anywhere during the moving process. You can also get an updated dog tag with your details to identify your dog. 
It’s also important for you to be prepared for the move. Why not check out our moving checklist to ensure you have everything in place for the significant change?

3. Give Your Dog Alone Time In Their Favourite Spaces

Leaving a room your dog feels most comfortable in will allow them to rest comfortably. This room should be one of the last places that you pack. It can also be the perfect space for your dogs to go on the moving day. 

This room will give your dog time away from the hustle and bustle of packing, reducing stress levels. You can introduce relaxing sounds or enrichment toys to keep them occupied while finalising your packing.

4. Keep Your Home Looking “Normal”

It’s vital to keep your home somewhat organised when moving. This may seem impossible, but it’s important to keep your house feeling normal for your dog. Try to tidy up after yourself, such as picking up your rubbish and keeping your boxes organised. The less chaotic your home is, the more it benefits your dog. 
You should also aim to keep potentially dangerous items away from your dogs, such as household cleaners and fabric softeners. You don’t want to risk a dangerous incident that will bring on more stress before your move.

How To Help Your Dog Adjust After Moving

When you move into your new home, it’s important to let your dog adjust to the new space that they are in. It will take a little while before your dog becomes comfortable in their new home, so it’s best not to rush them. Letting your dog adjust to their new space will help them associate it with happiness and relaxation. 

Here are a few tricks to help your dog adjust: 

1.  Set Up Your Dog’s Belongings In A Comfortable Space

A space for your dog to relax should be one of the first things you set up when moving into your new home. It will give your dog a place to retreat if they feel overwhelmed by the changes in the new environment. It’s crucial to recognise the signs of stress in your dog so that you can support them in their new home. 

You can dedicate the space by adding furniture that smells like their favourite place in your former home. Add their favourite toys and a comfy bed, giving your dog a dedicated space in their new home. It’s important to let your dog choose whether they want to engage with their new home or just want to hide away. 

2. Reassure Your Dog

As dogs are incredibly perceptive of their human’s emotions, it’s important to be calm and composed. Your dog will look to you for reassurance, so being positive and maintaining a relaxed demeanour will help to keep them at ease. 

Shower your dog with affection, love and attention, reassuring them during the transition process. Giving your dog plenty of love and care will soon have them feeling right at home in your new space. 

3. Make Your New Home Familiar

It can be tempting to redecorate as soon as you move into a new home but you need to resist to start off with. This is because your dog has an affinity for your furniture and may become stressed if they don’t recognise both the furniture and the space around them. 

It might be beneficial to set up your new home like your previous one to give your dog a sense of familiarity. This only has to be at the start, so you aren’t stressing your dog out too much. After that, feel free to decorate to your heart’s content! Maybe even add a few pictures of your dog too. 

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