Moving and Storage Service Nottinghamshire

Our warehouse is dry, clean, alarmed and has on-site security 24/7.

Here at Premier Movers, we know a thing or two about storage units. With over 20 years in the trade of offering full moving and storage service in Tuxford, we know that we’re the right people for all your storage needs.

£7.50 per week for small units

£10 per week for medium units

£12.50 per week for large units

Self-Storage Unit

Visit our sister company, Tuxford Self Storage handles all your self-storage needs.

Visit our sister company, Tuxford Self Storage handles all your self-storage needs.

Tuxford Self Storage is a purpose-built, indoor, secure self-storage facility with rooms and pods based in Tuxford just off the A1. Perfectly located to cover self-storage needs in Tuxford, Ollerton, Newark, Retford, Worksop & Mansfield.

Archive and Document Storage

Your Trusted Partner in Document and Archive Storage Solutions. At Premier Movers, we understand the importance of preserving and organizing your valuable documents and archives. With our state-of-the-art storage solutions, you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

Premier’s Moving and Storage Location

Finding Premier Movers and our 50,000ft² storage unit is simple as we’re just off the A1.

  • From the A1, take the exit for Tuxford and follow the signs for Ollerton Road.
  • Turn left onto Ollerton Road and continue for about 0.7 miles.
  • You will see a sign for Walkers Industrial Estate on your right. Turn right into the estate and follow until you reach Unit 18!

How Much Is A Storage Unit?

Our storage units are competitively priced. We offer £7.50 per week for one of our smaller units, £10 per week for one of our medium units and £12.50 per week for one of our larger units. 

We also offer a discounted price on each of these storage units if you plan on being with us for over 3 months.

What are the Sizes of the Storage Units in Tuxford?

Our large-sized storage units are exactly 10ft x 10 ft x 7ft or 700ft³. This relates to approximately 100ft² or 9.3m² of floor space per large storage unit.

What is the Average Cost for a Storage Unit in Nottingham?

The UK average net rental rate is £27.19 per square foot per annum, according to the SSA’s UK Annual Industry Report 2023. This equates to £15.60 per square foot per week, for large units like ours. 

Premier Movers charge £12.50 per week, £3.10 per week cheaper per week than the UK’s average.

What Does a 30ft² Storage Unit Look Like?

As a rule of thumb, 30ft² is approximately the same size as a full, double bed.

Why Would You Need To Use Self-Storage?

Storage, as well as self-storage, would be particularly useful for people who are moving house, downsizing, renting short-term, or for those who have recently suffered a bereavement and need a place to keep their relatives’ belongings until further plans have been made.

What Else Do Your Storage Units Offer?

It has been noted that around 39% of people wish that they had brought more packaging with them when storing their belongings. 

To help with this, we opened The Box Shop next to our warehouse and storage unit facility to help people get everything they need to be able to store their items happily.